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A fine printer

Göteborgstryckeriet first opened for business in 1918. Today it’s one of Europe’s premier printers, providing everything from traditional services to sophisticated packaging and displays.


The printing industry is in a state of flux. Digitization has led to a drop in demand for conventional printing, with large chunks of the business snapped up by low-cost labour markets. Meanwhile, Göteborgstryckeriet has carved out a high-tech niche with the aid of unconventional solutions and considerable investments.

The new web site is a grand tour of
high-tech printing.


Göteborgstryckeriet’s visual identity is a celebration of creativity and competence. Every conceivable printed surface, from business cards to transport packaging, is used to communicate their skills. And the new web site is a grand tour of high-tech printing. Since its launch in 2016, it has generated numerous fresh leads – locally as well as from further afield.

In a bid to keep the brand top-of-mind, existing and potential customers are regularly exposed to all manner of PR activities. The marketing of a new foil and embossing machine (Lost & Found) was an instant bestseller. A house made entirely of paper (Chameleon Cabin) provided the ultimate proof that anything is possible. And the latest addition, a large wall-mounted calendar, serves not only to display the printer’s craftistry, but also provides a timely reminder that every years contains its triumphs and disasters.


Göteborgstryckeriet is a strong brand. Individual business activities have led to an influx of orders, lots of media coverage, and a crashed mail server. Both the visual identity and several publications boast award-winning designs. Chameleon Cabin, a big crowd-puller at packaging exhibitions and events, has been publicized in more than 600 design blogs.


Art Directors Club: Bronze
Cannes Lions: Silver
Clio Awards: Silver, Merit
Eurobest: Bronze
Guldägget: Silver, Merit
The One Show: Bronze, 3 Merits

Chameleon Cabin

If you ask them, the folks at Göteborgstryckeriet will tell you they can print anything. So we were tasked with coming up with an idea that would really test their skills. Together with architect Mattias Lind, we designed a small cabin that had to be made entirely from paper. Did Göteborgstryckeriet rise to the (considerable) challenge? See for yourself.


Guldägget Silver
The One Show, 1 Bronze, 1 Merit

Lost & Found

A new printing press for advanced foiling and embossing is not exactly an earth-shattering event – unless you can communicate its potential in the hands of skilled printers. Avoiding stereotypical imagery (peacock feathers, shiny Ferrari details etc.) we created a fictitious lost and found department at Göteborgstryckeriet. The result? Sophisticated printing techniques turned ordinary objects into extraordinary artefacts.


Art Directors Club Gold
Cannes Lions Silver
D&AD Merit
Eurobest Silver

A very good year (and a very bad one)

Göteborgstryckeriet offers customized calendars. To get the message across to customers old and new, our generously sized wall calendar shows there are two sides to any year – one a source of joy, the other a poignant reminder of those less fortunate than you. It all depends on how you display it.


The One Show: Merit