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Holiday is where the heart is

Thomas Cook Group is one of the world’s largest tour operators, catering to some 20 million holidaymakers a year. Founded in 1841, the company remains a travel pioneer to this day. Thomas Cook Group operates in 20 countries, with 30,000 employees, 3,000 travel agencies, 50 hotels and its own airline.


An oversized and fragmented portfolio exposed holidaymakers to many different brands on the same trip. The result was confusion and waning customer loyalty. And for Thomas Cook, it was both costly and complicated to operate multiple brands.

By consolidating its brands, the group reinforced its identity as a holiday pioneer.


We created a fresh brand structure and visual identity for the group. A new symbol, “The Sunny Heart,” greets you at every conceivable touchpoint – when you book online, fly with the airline, meet staff at holiday destinations and during your stay. In addition to the symbol, the visual identity encompasses everything from newly drawn typefaces to an array of communication tools.


The strategy and visual identity were unveiled in the Nordic countries in 2012. December that same year saw more online traffic and ticket sales than ever before. And this in turn engendered a greater sense of pride in the company. It wasn’t long before group management gave the go-ahead for global rebranding. Today, the visual identity unites all the companies in Thomas Cook Group – in over 60 countries. And the number of brands has been cut from 85 to 30.

The Sunny Heart is now the unifying symbol for every journey.

What we did

  • Activation plan
  • Activation tools
  • Brand activation
  • Brand driver analysis
  • Brand portfolio strategy
  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital strategy
  • Insight platform
  • Pre-study
  • Segmentation analysis