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A grand stitch

By showcasing the works of eighteen artists, the exhibition ”The Grand Stitch" examines contemporary embroidery. Posters and digital communications are based on the insight that the common thread for all the artists is the technique itself – after all, even the tiniest stitch can build the grandest of narratives. Ultimately, the campaign is both a celebration of the craft and a playful invite to start embroidering.

Even the tiniest stitch can build the grandest of narratives.


Månadens design, Resumé: First place

Classic designs never die

For almost a century, the Röhsska Museum has collected fashion- and design-related artefacts from all over the world. Its exhibitions provide a stunning showcase of design history – with themes as varied as haute couture, Chinese lacquerware, toilet seats and subversive embroidery.


The museum is always on the lookout for new visitors. And with growing competition, finding its own niche has become essential. Housed in a beautiful (if somewhat nondescript building), Röhsska is exploring novel ways to reach a wider audience.

Richly diverse exhibition themes include haute couture, Chinese lacquerware and vintage toilet seats.


The main focus of our assignment – carried out in close cooperation with the staff at Röhsska – is brand development and communication to pull people in. To this end, we’ve not only created visual concepts that cut to the core of the museum’s offer – its exhibitions – but alluring products, too.


The Röhsska museum is a highly conspicuous brand. Attractive posters and publications have become essential carriers of the visual identity – not least in social media (in addition to providing a welcome boost for the publicly funded activities). Over the years, our work for the museum has featured prominently in some of the world’s most prestigious design and communications competitions.

Shining a spotlight on Kraftwerk

“Influences, references and plagiarism” is an exhibition showcasing the unfolding aesthetic of German experimental music phenomenon Kraftwerk. Striking scenography, complemented by a detailed anthology, allowed us to fashion a strong identity of our own – inspired by the band and its many influences.


Art Directors Club: Silver, 2 Merits
Clio Awards: 2 Silver, 3 Bronze, 3 Merits
D&AD: 4 Merits
Eurobest: Silver
Guldägget: Silver, 4 Diplomas
Kolla!: Gold, Diploma
New York Festivals: Merit
The One Show: Gold, Silver, 8 Diplomas