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A reluctant love affair

Since 1954, state-run Systembolaget has enjoyed exclusive rights to sell alcoholic beverages in Sweden. The idea behind the monopoly is simple – to limit the harmful effects of alcohol on the population.


Systembolaget’s very existence was under threat. With just 43% of Swedes in favour of it, the EU was unimpressed. In a bid to survive, Systembolaget needed to galvanize a majority of the country’s population in a show of support. But as it was widely perceived as a stuffy old institution, we soon realized that Systembolaget had to rally consumers around a shared passion: food and drink. After decades of we-know-best, knowledge, enthusiasm and a meticulous attention to detail became its new guiding lights.


With the right tools in place what emerged was a vibrant, service-minded organisation (which also happens to be an expert on alcoholic beverages). By inspiring a conscious choice of both food and drink, regulated sales were, at long last, seen in a positive light.


Systembolaget is still here. Since the very first changes were implemented, the fan base has grown by the day. Initially, we saw a 10 percent increase in support. Now it’s over 70 percent.