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Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) is an independent public service media corporation. Their mission is to provide indispensable programming for the Swedish population. With 4 national and 25 local stations, they reach 5 million Swedes daily.


Radio is no longer just a loudspeaker. Digital platforms have changed the way people listen, making it a highly visual medium. This brave, but alien, new world shook the foundations of Sveriges Radio, which struggled with two company names (Sveriges Radio and SR) and a shambolic visual identity. But how do you choose between a self-explanatory name and a familiar wordmark? And how to build on the listener’s deeply personal relationship with the radio stations P1, P2, P3 and P4?


Sveriges Radio was the natural, long-term choice. A favourite since 1956, the unique wordmark (SR) integrated perfectly into the new Sveriges Radio logotype and provided a key design element in the station logos. A comprehensive visual toolbox – featuring general and channel specific guidelines – laid the foundation for a broad and cohesive brand.


The solution made for a smooth transition within the organization. And Sveriges Radio, armed with a new brand strategy, could look forward to being heard and seen across multiple platforms.

170.000 hours of radio – every year

Sveriges Radio P1

If you enjoy listening to people talking – whether it’s reading the news, discussing literature, pontificating on the latest scientific discovery or philosophising on the meaning of life – P1 is the channel that speaks to you.

Sveriges Radio P2

A music channel, but not necessarily of the easy-listening or popular variety. If your tastes run to classical or contemporary improvisational music or perhaps avant-garde jazz fusion, P2 is on your wavelength.

Sveriges Radio P3

By young people for young people. This is the channel you tune into if you want to laugh, chill out to the latest hits or shake your booty while you’re mopping the bedroom floor. P3 is designed to provide something for all tastes – the very essence of public service.

Sveriges Radio P4

The most popular channel, P4 attracts older listeners with its mix of sports, popular music (classics rather than contemporary hits), entertainment and traffic updates. On weekdays, most of the daytime schedule comes from 25 different regional stations, each producing local news and content.

25 local stations, from north to south