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Putting Sweden’s national parks on the map

In 1909, Sweden was the first country in Europe to establish national parks. Today there are thirty in all, from the Arctic Circle in the north to the Baltic coast in the south. These tracts of wilderness, richly diverse in flora and fauna, are considered particularly worthy of preservation.


A protected wilderness receives little attention in Sweden. Thanks to Allemansrätten (the right to roam), we’ve learned to take these natural treasures for granted. Run by multiple organisations (Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency, regional county councils and local institutions), national parks rarely make the list of priority projects. An overarching strategy to create more publicity has been sorely lacking. After all, national parks don’t just compete with other nature experiences, but with all manner of tourist attractions.


Besides a brand platform, we created a new visual identity that features a comprehensive guide and information system designed to interact with virgin forest, pristine marshland – even rare species of beetle. Each national park is a crown jewel, which is flamboyantly demonstrated on location by the logotype – a great golden crown tossed into the terrain to greet visitors (while also visible on Google Earth).


So far the implementation process has spawned a pilot park which saw a 100% increase in visitors. The parks have won numerous awards for visual identity and architecture.

We partnered with White arkitekter on this project.


Cannes Lions: Silver
Guldägget: Silver