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Back on track

SJ, or Swedish Rail, caters to some 85,000 passengers each day. Following its maiden journey in 1856, the national operator has become the backbone of Sweden’s infrastructure. Today, trains run on renewable energy and are all marked with the ”Good Environmental Choice” symbol.


Swedish Rail’s monopoly was deregulated in 2009, with SJ quickly facing stiff competition from a variety of operators. However, the visual identity failed to reflect changing times – the company seemingly backtracking instead of moving forward. SJ’s grand vision – to get us all to take the train – was in desperate need of a personal touch.

The images evoke experiences of journeys, their destinations – as opposed to tired visuals of trains flashing by.


Gradual, organic updates of the visual identity encouraged a shift in brand perception – from dusty, state-run institution to a customer-oriented company in step with the times. Clear instructions were issued on when and how to use the existing logo. We also created a typeface, softer and more accommodating, for all channels. Info graphics, a colour scheme inspired by the Swedish countryside and more intimate photography reflected the change in visual direction. Revamped train interiors and a new web site completed the package.


The new visual identity is helping SJ change tracks – from old-fashioned public transport provider to a brand with the consumer’s best interests at heart.

The new identity is also manifested in the train interiors, conceptualized in close collaboration with White Architects.