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Lose the dirt

Paul Brunngård is Sweden's largest retailer within shoe care. The company’s mission is to get people to take better care of their shoes – so they look great and last longer. We were asked to develop a brand new product line for sneakers – and jumped at the chance to create a name, identity and packaging that would make a splash in the category.


Nothing less than a bold, playful approach will do to inspire a global audience to look after their sneakers.

Dirty sneakers? Shoeshame on you.


Shoe Shame encourages you to obsess over your sneakers. In fact, the name is a nod to anyone who has ever felt out of place in a particular context. The O focuses on product effects – Box Fresh Technology – and is a recurring design element. Playful pictograms and tonality guide the user. And the clean white colour plays a key role in the packaging, while yellow makes the product easy to find. After all, it should be simple and fun to lose the dirt.


Shoeshame hit the stores in autumn, 2018.

Shoe Shame encourages you to obsess over your sneakers.