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The power of courage

Established in 1980, The Right Livelihood Foundation is today a global community that runs on a rare but irresistible fuel – human courage. Its quest is nothing less than peace, justice and sustainability for all. Each year, the Right Livelihood Award recognizes the actions of brave visionaries in their struggles to promote both urgent and long-term social change. Right Livelihood has consultative status at the UN.


Up until now, more than 186 laureates from 73 countries have received the Right Livelihood Award. The accolade signals the beginning of a life-long relationship. The foundation works tirelessly to raise the profile of its laureates, highlighting their contributions and providing protection when their lives and liberty are under threat. The Right Livelihood Award College bridges the gap between activism and academia, bringing universities and laureates to the same table. In fact, nine campuses around the world offer internships, scholarships, community projects and lectures.


Our job was to highlight the remarkable work of the foundation. The laureates address some of the most pressing global challenges – Right Livelihood helps them get their message across. But in a world where numerous organisations are vying for attention, Right Livelihood has had to find its own tone of voice.

The logo – designed for the broadest possible expression – showcases Right Livelihood as an empowering organisation in step with the times. The font is human-centric, with sharp edges for action and a solid baseline to give support. The tilted O represents forward motion, while the avatar is a minimalist version of the symbol – the inverted ‘I’ turning into an exclamation mark that indicates the will to action.

The mix of two typefaces not only underscores the dynamic aspects of the logo, but it’s also a nod to the foundation’s earliest days. Inspired by nature and humanity, Right Livelihood features a rich yet recognizable palette of colours.

One in five laureates faces danger in their home country.


Anyone is free to nominate a laureate. Visit the new website for inspiration and information. Produced in collaboration with Doberman.

Change takes courage.