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Welcome to Preem – where fuel grows on trees

Preem is Sweden’s largest oil and renewable fuels operation, providing more than half the country’s industrial operators with heating and power. The company has over 3,000 employees, two refineries and a nationwide service network of 570 fuelling stations for private and commercial traffic.


While Preem’s visual identity created the impression of a friendly and slightly offbeat company, it failed to communicate its roots, creativity and advanced engineering skills. An overarching focus on service stations and customers obscured a deeper story – the company’s origins, philosophy and unique range of products.

The challenge was to build a single Preem, getting the many disparate elements of the operation to find common ground – under a unified communications umbrella.

Vision: To lead the transformation towards a sustainable society.


Thanks to an expanded toolkit, the identity is both broader and more purpose-built. These days, Preem’s tone of voice readily switches from earnest to more tongue-in-cheek – and vice versa. New tools include an extensively revamped image bank, infographics, a broader colour palette, more diverse typography and careful use of the logo. Above all, Preem is ready to embrace the digital experience more fully.


Preem is rejuvenated and clearly positioned as a leader of sustainable innovation within fuels. The facelift has facilitated cross-channel communications – from corporate information and retail offers to digital services. A friendlier, more generous visual identity has revealed an innovator with wide appeal.

The road to sustainability starts in the forest and ends in Bohuslän.

Without Preem, Sweden grinds to a halt. We fuel 7 out of 10 businesses.

What we did

  • Brand activation
  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Digital strategy
  • Insight platform
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Packaging design
  • Pre-study