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Nature’s own deli

Since 1972, Polarica has offered a selection of delicacies – made from wild berries, game meat, mushrooms and poultry – out of nature’s own pantry. Customers are consumers, caterers and restaurants in Sweden and Finland.


People are passionate about food. And thanks to a growing interest in healthy eating, there is even more room for novelty on grocery shelves. Wild game, however, is still languishing on the back shelf. Not surprisingly, many feel out of their depth when it comes to preparing and cooking something whose provenance is unknown. With its selection of cured meats (reindeer, moose and venison), Polarica has decided to bridge the knowledge gap by addressing urban foodies – well-known champions of natural ingredients.

The packaging takes its cues from the great outdoors, hiking and hunting.


The packaging takes its cues from the great outdoors, hiking and hunting. The prominent orange colour sticks out on the shelf, but in no way detracts from the elegance of the overall design. Assorted facts on flora and fauna, coupled with detailed illustrations, further enhance the look and feel.


Carried by all the major supermarket chains, the new Polarica products are popular among consumers. The packaging has also received a glowing reception in design competitions – both in Sweden and abroad.

What we did

  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Packaging design
  • Pre-study


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