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Ving greets the future with a wave

When Thomas Cook collapsed, the future looked bleak for one of Scandinavia’s most iconic holiday brands. But along came new owners, who not only possessed courage, vision and capital but also saw huge potential buried under the heap of gloom.

A new parent company was born in late autumn 2019 – Nordic Leisure Travel Group – and with it came a fresh spirit of optimism. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other plans, and they didn’t include overseas holidays. So instead of a comeback for Ving, 2020 was a lost year – but not a wasted one. The time was spent wisely on sharpening the strategic thinking and visual tools, getting the brand ready to satisfy the dreams of hundreds of thousands of vacationers who are longing to explore the world again.


Holiday preferences have changed in recent years. For many, sun, sea and sand are no longer enough. Today’s holidaymakers seek well-being in different ways. Some want short breaks, others longer holidays. Some want adventure, others relaxation. The new strategy reflects this shift in consumer behaviour, and Ving has broadened its offer considerably.

In an ocean of possibilities, find your wave.


Consumer behaviour isn’t the only thing to have changed over the last decade; the media landscape has been completely transformed too. Ving faces the future with a visual identity that is well suited to branding in a digital world. The heart has been replaced by a striped wave that can be applied to touchpoints that do not allow the full logotype (which includes a wordmark). The pattern is not only a nod to nostalgia and a guide to customers before, during and after the journey, it also communicates harmony and well-being, which is what every holidaymaker ultimately seeks. The brand’s new direction is expressed in its tagline: Find your wave.

In our opinion, that’s good advice even if you’re not going on holiday.


The reinvented Ving was launched in December, 2020, together with its Nordic sibling brands, Tjäreborg and Spies.

Custom fonts carry the brand’s character.