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Reinventing Scandinavia’s leading amusement park

Liseberg first opened during the 1923 Göteborg Jubilee, but soon emerged as one of Sweden’s most popular destinations. Some three million visitors make the pilgrimage each year.


Liseberg is so much more than heart-stopping rides and cotton candy. With its myriad activities, there really is something for everyone. But with a multitude of companies and sub-brands under its umbrella (hotels, concert venues, restaurants and rides), the Liseberg brand started to blur round the edges.


We developed a common brand strategy for Liseberg’s combined offering – with a single clear identity. A new look – classic fun fair with a playful twist – was created in parallel. The mix serves to consolidate Liseberg’s position as the original and best.


Liseberg has reinvented itself, setting the benchmark for a modern amusement park. But was the makeover effective? Absolutely. In 2014, visitors came in record numbers and turnover exceeded one billion Swedish crowns for the first time.

In 2014, visitors came in record numbers and turnover exceeded one billion Swedish crowns.

Zombies, blood and horror. Welcome to Liseberg

This autumn, Liseberg is set to reveal a darker side as the park opens its gates to blood-soaked monsters and ghouls. Visitors will be treated to a great Halloween mix of rides, candy rain and haunted houses. After 5 pm, as darkness descends, friendly trick-or-treating gives way to a hair-raising frightfest. Anyone wishing to stay does so at their own risk (and they will, of course, love every terrifying minute of it).

No tricks, just treats

Liseberg’s new-found belief in ghosts has impacted its visual identity. To begin with, the park is introducing an animated Jack o’lantern whose mood can be adjusted – from happy to scary – according to the audience. We have also added new colours to the palette – Pumpkin, Witch’s Brew and Thunder Skies – and created special rubber stamp impressions for the occasion.

Rabbits and well-tended flowerbeds make room for pumpkins, leaves and scarecrows.