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The gift is the wrapping

What’s the perfect Christmas gift from a brand agency? A full-bodied Rioja, perhaps. Or maybe a fancy pen. Or why not a jumbo-sized tin of ginger snaps. Or none of the above. We decided we had to make something ourselves – anything less would be a dereliction of our creative duty.


For many years now we’ve been creating Christmas wrapping and packaging to give to friends and clients. The idea is simple: they provide the gift, we supply the box.

Diagrams and info graphics offer clues to content …


Wrapping paper and gift packaging are transformed into spectacular collections. One year, we played around with statistics. What started out as standard packaging soon morphed into colourful bar charts that hinted at the gift contained within. Other favourites include a series of two-sided cartons that effectively camouflaged the goodies in the box and scented, fruity wrapping complete with little oval stickers.

Take your pick – a brick or a gold bar, a piece of wood or a slab of marble?


Our packaging and wrapping paper are not only popular gifts, but also effective self-promotion tools. Over the years, these creations have received plaudits in numerous competitions while garnering praise from fickle design bloggers.

Led by the nose. Scented varnishes fool you into thinking there’s a fruit salad under the Christmas tree.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Insight platform
  • Packaging design


Cannes Lions: Merit
Clio Awards: Merit
D&AD: In-book
Eurobest: Merit
Kolla!: Gold
The One Show: 2 Merits