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Taking a bite out of the meat market

Though still a newcomer, Gold & Green is on course to change public perception of plant-based foodstuffs. Its business idea is to develop deliciously wholesome food from ecological oats and cereals grown in the Nordic region. Pulled Oats, a company innovation, has already wowed foodies in Finland and was recently launched on the Swedish market.


Plant-based diets are on the rise – for both health and environmental reasons. This doesn’t mean everyone’s gone vegan or vegetarian. In fact, there’s still staunch resistance among so-called flexitarians to fall in with a traditional vegetarian lifestyle. Instead, the challenge lies in getting hardcore ‘non-believers’ to substitute their meat staple for something delectable from Gold & Green.

Eating more vegetarian food is an adjustment, not a revolution.


The freshly designed packaging serves as a great carrier for the company’s tasty, protein-based ingredients. And the tiger symbolizes that even meat eaters are falling in love with Gold & Green. The lush colour palette and Tony Halonen’s playful illustration ensure a radical departure from the visual expression normally associated with vegetarian fare.

Pulled Oats – more protein than chicken, ‘greener’ than tofu.


With its fresh, life-affirming image, Pulled Oats leaps off the shelf. The Swedish launch has been gathering momentum since the major chains decided to carry the product. And thanks to a chorus of rave reviews, the line of carnivores tempted to become occasional herbivores is getting longer.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
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  • Packaging design