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Location, location, location

With offices across its domestic market as well as in popular overseas locations, Fastighetsbyrån handles one in four property deals in Sweden. Which makes it the country’s biggest estate agent.


With 1500 employees, there’s no room for visual ambiguity at Fastighetsbyrån. And while size has obvious advantages, there is always a risk of being seen as faceless on local markets.

Started in 1966. Today Sweden’s biggest real estate agency.


Our task was to showcase Fastighetsbyrån as a progressive partner in tune with the local community. We created signature illustrations that bring to life the estate agent’s intimate knowledge of the locality. A template for photographing real estate, in addition to greater focus on individual agents, ensured a flexible toolkit for a broad range of collateral.


Today, Fastighetsbyrån is in a good position to create fresh marketing materials that convey a genuine sense of place. And home sellers can expect to be accommodated by an estate agent that is bigger than ever on local service.