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Olympic Winter Games 2026

In November 2017, SOK (the Swedish Olympic Committee) gave the green light to Stockholm/Åre in their bid to host the 2026 Winter Games. A brand platform was created, after which Happy F&B were brought in to sharpen the visual identity – all of it designed to present Sweden as a worthy candidate.

What makes this assignment so special is that we’re targeting the IOC jury, which consists of individuals from all over world, many of whom know next to nothing about Sweden. This called for clarity and simplicity in communication. The logo had to convey community, warmth, strong roots – and we didn’t have to look far for inspiration. The brief was to position Sweden as a forward-thinking country of longstanding traditions – especially when it comes to winter sports.

In the event of Stockholm/Åre winning the vote, a new official logo will be designed to represent the host city. This would give us the opportunity to provide a richer, more intimate portrayal of our Olympic winner.

A modern and sporty take on the Swedish kurbits tradition.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform