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Future. Forward. Fast.

In recent years, CELLINK Group has led the way in life science by combining biology with cutting-edge technologies and tools such as 3D bioprinting, robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer science. To continue the expansive journey towards the future of health, a bolder brand of tomorrow was needed.


A fresh brand for the group, dedicated to fast growth and leadership was identified as key. By establishing a new arena for the company’s groundbreaking work in life science, a solid platform was provided from which to communicate the new brand’s unique position—the fusion of biology and technology—and explain the revolutionary benefits of Bio-Convergence.


The front-runner of the new arena Bio-Convergence needs a new strong name: BICO. As we humans become more digital, technology is becoming more human. And the seamless blend of tech and life is impacting all of us in myriad ways. This duality is the key to BICO’s identity—as it ultimately lies at the heart of life itself.

The symbol, inspired by the cell dividing process and DNA-structures, is the cornerstone of the brand identity. And a persuasive endorsement enabiling smooth and efficient adaption for products and companies within the fast growing BICO family. The visual tools—imagery that reflects the Technology-Life duality, a palette of compelling colours, typography that’s crisp yet unmistakably human—ensure that BICO really stands out in its industry.

Custom typographic detail to convey a forward movement.


The launch of BICO draws a clear path for the future of the company, and marks another important step in the Bio-Convergence revolution.

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