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Once upon a time…

All children have dreams, thoughts and experiences they want to share. By nurturing their rich inner life, we can foster self-belief. This is what Berättarministeriet (The Ministry of Stories) is all about.


Berättarministeriet is a non-profit creative writing centre where children and youths immerse themselves in different forms of storytelling. The organization offers free creative writing workshops in socially deprived communities.
Here kids can let their imagination roam free. The impact is both deeply personal – after all, what is more important than finding, exploring and sharing your own voice? – and of great importance to the wider community. The mission is to contribute to equality through the written word.

Physical books mean the world to kids. So does the ability to read them online to friends and family.


We created a visual backdrop that is emblematic of Berättarministeriet, symbolizing that the pen is mightier than the sword. Various digital units followed, including a bookshelf that fills up with the children’s own creations. Who wouldn’t be tickled by titles like “The hunt for the missing parents,” or “The squid that couldn’t fit in the merry-go-round”?


Berättarministeriet has enjoyed extensive exposure, even winning the 2015 Social Entrepreneur Award. The organization is currently found in three locations across Sweden, with workshop number four ready to open its doors in Göteborg.

What we did

  • Design applications
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Packaging design

Alien Supermarket

Berättarministeriet’s workshops are a tease to the imagination. First stop for the kids is ‘Alien Supermarket,’ a portal to the world of storytelling. Here you can buy anything from three-eyed goggles to seven-fingered gloves, while trying out mind-reading helmets and clothes for the multi-limbed. There’s even a secret passageway to Berättarministeriet’s publisher.

Everything an alien might need

Happy F&B worked on both visual identity and packaging design, including a special typeface for aliens and a logotype featuring a three-eyed mascot. In addition, we teamed up with F&B on products, concepts and in-store collateral.

The supermarket is a magnet for aliens, kids and Crown Princesses.