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Get your buzz from a Bee

Bee Charging Solutions is Sweden’s leading electric vehicle charging operator. Driven by the ongoing transition to fossil free transport, Bee’s primary focus is to develop charging solutions for consumers, companies, property developers and the public sector.


A brand change opened up fresh possibilities to redefine, even revolutionize, the marketplace – by transforming the challenges of EV into mobility that’s fun and easy. Today, Bee is in a great position to usher in change, while helping to guide both individual buyers and the transport sector through the transition.

The bee’s anatomy – wings, sting, stripes – served as inspiration for the design.


The new name, Bee, is charged with positive connotations. Useful, industrious, energetic and tireless, bees famously cover a lot of ground in a day’s work. It’s also a plea – to change our behaviour and take greater care of the environment. If bees disappear, so do we.

The honeybee itself is the prime source of inspiration for Bee’s look and feel. And while many competitors are stuck on vehicle technology, Bee’s focus is on people and nature. The colourful illustrations stand out, animating both web and app, not to mention the eye-catching charge points along the road.


The new brand was launched in February, 2019.

For people, not cars: A warm, playful visual identity.

Bee Facts offers useful tips on what you can do to help bees survive.

Eye-catching charge points along the road.

What we did

  • Brand platform
  • Design applications
  • Design concept
  • Design implementation
  • Design platform
  • Digital service design
  • Insight platform
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Packaging design