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The right treatment for Sweden’s biggest drugstore

State-owned Apoteket has 370 drugstores and 700 agents, making it the biggest franchise in Sweden. Besides its core business, it supplies the healthcare sector with pharmaceutical drugs, while also providing health-related services to employers.


A decade has passed since the Swedish state released its grip on the pharmacy market. In short order, Apoteket lost two-thirds of its business. To survive and later thrive, far-reaching measures would be required. Top of the list was the brand, which was in urgent need of a facelift.

From drug supplier to
healthcare advisor.


The first major change was to shift focus – from drug supplier to healthcare advisor. Though positive and appreciative, most Swedes remained reluctant customers (unless ill, of course). A warmer, friendlier visual identity, new and remodeled stores, as well as own-label products on the shelves, strengthened Apoteket’s position as the safe, reputable choice – while at the same time launching a retail chain in step with the times. In recent years, Apoteket has continued to reinvent itself – by developing fresh products and new, friendly services.


Swedes like Apoteket. In fact, it has emerged as one of our most valuable consumer brands, with credibility soaring across the country (according to Reputation Institute and Nordic Brand Academy). Additionally, Apoteket’s efforts within sustainability and CSR have garnered praise, receiving high marks in several studies. And even though private labels are on the rise throughout the sector, Apoteket’s product portfolio reigns supreme in medicine cabinets all over Sweden.

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New products and services are developed every year.