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Playful Pioneers

Developing new drugs is very risky and costly. And most drugs never even make it to your local pharmacy but are discarded as ineffective long before. What if there are ways to discover what works and what doesn’t at an earlier stage, saving precious time and money? A Swedish company does exactly that.


Founded in 2014 by four freethinking professors, Antaros Medical has quickly become a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry. The secret: a unique mix of groundbreaking imaging, knowledge of disease mechanisms and extensive experience of clinical drug development.

In just a few short years, Antaros Medical had taken a huge leap, but the brand was lagging behind. So we were tasked with creating a forward-looking identity that better reflects the company’s core competencies and values.


Working closely together with the Antaros Medical team, we developed a brand platform, mapping the next leg of their journey. In addition we created a new visual identity that reflects the playful curiosity with which Antaros Medical solves complex problems.

The identity includes a logotype and colours inspired by simple building blocks. In combination with strict and technical typography, clean layouts, oddly satisfying animations and highly professional photos, also reflecting the complexity and multi-faceted nature of Antaros Medical’s business.

A logotype made of simple building blocks.


The new brand platform and visual identity were launched in conjunction with Antaros Medical’s 5th anniversary, to accompany their onward journey.

The animations reflect playfulness and complexity.


The new website was created in collaboration with our friends at Kolon Studio.